Fields: On Attachments and Unknowns

A gathering at SA SA BASSAC and a field learning event in Phnom Penh inviting participants to consider, together, what impels the leap into the unknown; an exhibition; a film screening.

15 – 20 January (gathering) 19 May – 19 August (exhibition) 2017

Co-curated with Erin Gleeson. Fields: On Attachments and Unknowns took the form of a gathering and field learning event in Phnom Penh with artists, curators, writers, creative producers and researchers from across Southeast Asia and beyond; a screening programme at Bophana Audiovisual Resource Centre; an exhibition at SA SA BASSAC gallery and resource centre. 

What attachments move us to do what we do – to make art, shape words, organise, name a collective, imagine a space, fictionalise a past and lay claim to the future? What are adequate ways to describe the energy, intensity and sentiment that suspend instrumentality and animate the move into the unknown? How do we grasp the forms and aesthetics that emerge in that time of potential? How do we stay in synch with that which moves, talk with living forms, and prolong transformative time in places fractured by impunity, acceleration and political and infrastructural failings?

Participants of Fields: On Attachments and Unknowns were artists Ok Prumsodan, Nguyen Trinh Thi, Vuth Lyno, Nov Cheanick, Khvay Samnang, Khvay Loeng, Tith Kanitha, Neang Kavich, Davy Chou, Mok Sombo, Neak Sophal, Yim Maline; curators/producers/researchers/writers Jessica Austin, Zoe Butt, Chum Chanveasna, Erin Gleeson, May Ingawanij, Nathalie Johnston, Lee Weng Choy, Sandy Hsui-Chih Lo, Richard MacDonald, Meta Moeng, Roger Nelson, Ruth Noack, Mary Pansanga, Sidd Perez, Julian Ross, Pen Sereypagna, Grace Samboh, Russell Storer, David Teh, Ben Valentine, Reaksmey Yean.