Ecological Futurisms is a research collective at CREAM, University of Westminster, exploring the capacity of artistic research for addressing key ecological and political questions of our time.

Ecological Futurisms (EF) is an emerging collective of CREAM faculty and doctoral researchers at the University of Westminster. We recognise that the damage brought on by global climate change, who it affects and to what extent, is inextricably linked to historical lines of inequality. When thinking about the future in relation to changes in the global environment the inclusion of culture and the social sciences can bring important perspectives and essential questions. Some changes to the environment are already cooked into the system, some are still unfolding; but how they play out around the planet is something that can be mitigated. But the right mitigation requires asking the right questions, and this is one of our core aims. Working in research networks across Southeast and South Asia, the Caribbean, North America, and Europe, EF provides a platform for those from the cultural and academic sectors to develop modes of collaboration to establish new forms of performative, time-based and on-line practices. We think about what future is wanted, given the mess that is already in front of us.

Ecological Futurisms run regular public programmes at Ambika P3 Gallery, London, and online. See CREAM website for full details.